Wednesday, 31 December 2008


It has been a while since I am able to sit down here at Starbucks Paragon to update this blog. Those of you who had followed this blog long enough may recall that a number of the posts here were conceived while sipping my cuppa here waiting for the Mrs to knock off or to be done with her shopping.

It is probably apt that I am finishing the last post of the year here.

Had my year end company lunch at The Line at Shangarila and since the Mrs is still busy reminiscing the good old times with her friends over some coffee, presumably at the PS Cafe, I decided to sit here and blog about Isaac's recent birthday party. So many of you had asked for pictures and updates so I felt I couldn't be lazy anymore.

Isaac's party turned out to be exactly what we had expected it to be, a rather small affair. Apart from the odd few who couldn't make it, most of our invited guest managed to make it so Isaac celebrated his 1st birthday with his immediate families and a bunch of his parents' close and good friends. To these family members and friends, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for taking the time to drop by on Christmas Day. I hope you will mark it in your calendar permanently because from the look of it we will most probably be celebrating Isaac's birthday each year on Christmas.

I'm sure many of you had been down to the Ben & Jerry's at Vivo City and as I recalled one of you even had doubts that it can actually hold 40 people. Well, from our own experience it did hold about 40 people as well as made room for the buffet spread. Of course not all 40 people were seated down at the same time but somehow we managed.

I particularly like the fact that on this day, besides celebrating Isaac's birthday we were there to exchange season’s greetings and a few presents for the other kids and babies. It was also a good time for some friends who were too busy or whose offices are too far apart to arrange for the occasional lunch meeting to catch up.

Overall I would like to think that the party was successful where most if not everyone had a good time. We definitely do not regret holding it at Ben & Jerry’s because it is amazing to witness the effect that ice-cream had on both the young and the old. A couple of adults even had multiple servings of the free ice-cream (single scoop on a wafer cone) that we had promised.

Since a picture is supposed to say a thousand words I shall let them do the rest of the talking then.

The Venue

The Occasion

The Star

The Birthday Boy

The Cake

The Candle

The Young Lady Photographer

The Parents

The God Parents

The Paternal Grandparents and Cousin

The Maternal Grandparents

The Blowing of Candle

The Presents

Presents Unwrapped

As usual I have posted only limited pictures here. You are invited to visit me at Facebook to view the rest of them.

Lastly the Mrs, Isaac and I would like to give special thanks and credit to Crystal, the young and pretty photographer for that day. Incidentally she is also Isaac's God Sister.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Dylan & family,

Glad to know that the party is so successful! Look like everyone of you have an enjoyable day! Anyway, I am writing on behalf of my hubby (Ed). Sorry, We couldn't make it for your party that day! :( Anyway, the pics are great!

Wish you, your Mrs n baby Isaac a Happy 2009. Stay healthy and happy!

Hope to see more up-date.

Ed and family (Shirley)

Anonymous said...

Ai yah, that day we arrived so late and was so shagged that forgot to take photos with Ah Fat.

Gor, CNY OK? MUST take photo of me and Fat hor?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,


Thanks for the free ice-creams last week; actually did feel a bit pai-say, as that wasnt my objective of coming by :p!!! But the ice-cream was great & my boy savoured every bit of it! Rare treat for him as I mostly do not let him have the ice-cream all to himself.

The photos are nice! And oh, your MRS looks very pretty in person :). And it's hard to tell from the size of her tummy that she's carrying twins! But since the gynae has said the weight gain has been good thus far; I must salute the MRS for eating rite (I presume ;) ) and having the extra pounds going to the right place :D!

Once again, thanks and here's wishing all @hm a blessed Year 2009 ahead, with joy, peace & happiness surrounding the household all year through!

With warmest wishes,

KoLe said...

Happy New Year!

the party looks great..
the cake looks yum.
your boy looks so happy!
your mrs looks radiant!


The Woos said...


May you be as happy and cheerful always and be a good little boy to Daddy and Mummy, be a great big brother to your little siblings! Sayang them a lot! Oh, of cos MUST MUST sayang your Mummy (and Daddy too!) lots lots more! =)

Have a great 2009!

Trisha and her Mummy+Daddy

Merryn said...

happy new year to you.. nice cake there for isaac.. everyone looks so happy.. nice bday there... NICE! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, looks like a great birthday party woh! btw, the birthday cake is soo pretty! where did you get it from?

Trina said...

The cake looks yummy! saw that Isaac has received 3 walkers? he'll be spoilt for choice!

Have a great year ahead!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shirley,

A very Happy New Year to you and your family too!!

I would like to think that everyone did have fun during the party.

No worries about not being able to make it. This year end perhaps?

Get Ed to start his blog fast or maybe you can do one if you have not already done so.

Take care

NRW said...

I arrive here from Feedjit. I've read your blog. Wow! A very lovely happy family. It is my pleasure to get acquainted with your family.


A Husband's Voice said...

Ya la Sis,

You came so late and almost had to miss the cake cutting.

Taking pictures during CNY will depend on whether if we actually meet up.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi JS,

I would like to thank you for coming down even though it was your anniversary!!

Don't feel paisei about getting the ice-creams because that was what I promised all you readers. I hope the ice-creams can sweeten your marriage for the years to come.

Thanks for your compliment on the Mrs. You've made her day. No mention about me so I guess I look pretty much the same as in pictures huh?!?! Hahahaha

No matter what they say we can't feel a little worried still about the weight gained. Guess we'll know by the 19th when we go for the last detailed scan.

Wanted to post your picture but thought I should get your permission first. So can I include your picture in my album in Facebook?

A Husband's Voice said...

Happy New Year KoLe,

Thanks! We did have a good time although we would have liked it better if more of you readers were able to make it then we can get to know each other better.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trisha and parents!!

Thank you very much for the nice birthday well wishes for Isaac.

I'm certain he will grow to be a good son and a good brother to the twins!

You have a Wonderful New Year too!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Merryn,

It was NICE of you to comment and yes it as a NICE day for all of us.

Happy New Year to you and your family too!!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

I am glad you like the cake!! We were having such a hard time deciding on the design for him. To me he is too young to make a choice of his own and since he doesn't really know Barney, Winnie or the Sesame Street characters, I decided to just have his name.

To us it was a little old fashioned but I liked the idea. I'm glad the cake turned out to be nice and it was delicious too!!

We ordered it from Smiling Orchid.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Trina,

The cake was pretty good, really!!

Ya, we ended up having 3 walkers! Guessed we should have created a wish list before hand huh?!

He is not entirely spoilt for choice because we are only letting him have 1 of them. Cannot have all 3 of them lying all over the place at home.

Happy New Year to you too!

A Husband's Voice said...


Another male reader!!! Woohoo!!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment! I look forward to us getting better acquainted!

Do come by again. I try and post on a weekly basis if time permits.

See you around ya?!

Why Not said...

Such happy and loving photos! congratulations to you and your wife for having a beautiful 1 year old. And of course, Happy Birthday, Isaac!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jayne,

Thanks!! Speaking of photos, I like what you have posted too! Nice!

Here's wishing you and your family a very Wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

hihi i really like the cake and i totally agree that they're too young to appreciate the cartoon characters so no point cracking my head over which character to choose. . . hmmm... im tempted to order one for my daughter's bdae end of this month too . . . lucky her name is not super long else i think will be super ex hor? haha.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bebe,

If you intend to go order the cake from Smiling Orchid then I suggest the chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with blueberry. The feedback has been very good so far.

We ordered a 2kg and it was about S$150.

Good luck with everything ya?!

nana said...

Wow! Isaac is sooooo blessed! So, did he get double presents on Christmas Day? hehe...

On Christmas day, i went to Great World City to get myself 2 tubs of ice cream fm Island Creamery... shld hv dropped by Vivo to get Ben & Jerry instead! & maybe steal a shot with Isaac... hehe...

Happy Belated Birthday, Isaac!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nana,

Actually Isaac did not get 2 presents mostly. Some of course got him a bigger present instead.

I guess you did not read my blog for a while that is why you weren't aware of the party at Vivo. I noticed you read every few weeks.

It would have been fun to have your family down to enjoy the ice-creams with us. Next year perhaps!

Irene said...

wah cool party. and mrs really look radiant, she doesnt look like she is preggie le. tummy hiding behind the cake :)

happy belated birthday lil Isaac!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Irene,

Thanks for your birthday wishes for Isaac but you are not keeping up with this blog huh?! Kidding ;p

I only blog once a week so try and keep up ok? Hahahaha