Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Haven’t we all heard from friends and relatives or read through forums that there is someone who knew someone who was told she was carrying a baby of one gender but came out another?

Ok, maybe to find out only during delivery is a little extreme because I would imagine that the couple would have gone for a few more scans from the time the gender was announced till delivery right?

I think it matters little when the couple found out about the ‘mistake’ because if it was the gender that they really wanted and it turned out different it would be quite devastating especially if it is their 3rd or 4th attempt. On the other hand for a couple that wanted a gender and got their wish later it will be an absolute delight for them.

Personally I have never come across anyone I know that had such an experience. Come to think of it I have only heard of such an incident through people who happened to know someone from work or some acquaintance and I don’t even remember who they are now or how the story goes. It is almost like an urban myth to me.

The reason I brought this up is because for some reason the Mrs was having this really bad feeling that maybe Hayley (Yes she has decided on this name) is a boy after all. Maybe it was her paranoia but she was definitely feeling rather uneasy. When telling people of the twins’ genders she was always a little hesitant. She was always saying it like it is only 90% sure.

I guess we should have named her Hayden instead huh?! In case you’re not aware Hayden is a unisex name just like Dylan.

So since about 3 weeks ago when we found out that we are expecting a Boy / Girl combo, she has been looking forward to yesterday’s appointment with Dr N to double and triple confirm that it is indeed Hayley in there.

I believe she feels a little more stress now that we are receiving gifts for Hayley. This is also probably why she has not been buying anything for her whenever we are out. I can sense the urge to buy her something whenever we are in Baby Gap or Zara looking for clothes for Isaac but she always resisted because deep down she is worried that there is a mistake with the gender.

It got to a point that even I was beginning to believe her that maybe just maybe we weren’t so lucky after all. When carrying Isaac the Mrs did not have any such strong feelings towards the baby’s gender. At least back then I dreamt of playing with a boy (can’t remember his face of course) so that got me to think that he was a boy. So to hear that she has such bad feelings about this ‘mistake’ it sort of unnerved me as well.

Anyway as you know by now we went to Dr N’s clinic yesterday for her routine checkup and to make sure that they twins are growing fine because the Mrs has hardly gained any weight since her pregnancy. This by the way was also another concern of ours.

The good news is the Mrs and the twins are all doing fine. The twins are growing within the average percentile and their weight is slightly below that of a singleton at the same stage but that is acceptable.

When Dr N started the scan the first thing I told him to check was the twins’ gender and I told him about the paranoia that the Mrs was experiencing. While having a good laugh he proceed to check and the result is the below picture.

I was considering if I should post this scan but on second thought how many of us can seriously make out what it is right? Unless of course you are a trained Doctor but I have a feeling that there are no Doctors amongst you readers.

So for the whole lot of you who cannot make out what the picture is and after torturing you for the last 5 minutes or so, you will be pleased to know that we are indeed having Hayley after all.

Bad Boy??

Recently we discovered that by his own admission Isaac does not believe that he is a good, great or excellent boy. Don’t believe me? Watch the below video.


mummy yio said...

Hahahaha... Issac is so cute... He is distracted lah so he didn't want to answer you properly??? I am sure he is a good, smart and excellent boy :) His dimples r so obvious and he lost weight huh?

Hmm, on the gender thingy... I did encounter it on my friend. She had her prenatal check up in china and was told she was carrying a girl. BTW, even if you are a foreigner in china. To find out about the gender of the baby you are carrying is a big deal... Have to bring passport etc to verify and verify before the doc is willing to tell you. So anyway, my friend only found out that she was carrying a boy after she came back to SG when she was already 7mths pregnant and had bought tons of pink clothing n dresses...

Personally i dun quite believe that in SG the docs here could make such a boo boo...

Anonymous said...

He bad mood is it? ahahahaha..


eh dude, got typo lah..

"The reason I brought this up is because for some reason the Mrs was having this really bad feeling that maybe Hayley (Yes she has decided on this name) is a girl after all."

Is a BOY after all? is that what u wanna say?

no man's land said...

*haha* Maybe he would have nodded had you asked, "Isaac is a naughty boy? Yes?" I think you would seriously peng-san if he nodded yes to the naughty boy question. *haha*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Amy,

Actually Isaac only knows how to shake his head. We have been teaching him to nod when we say 'yes' but he always end up shaking instead. So I thought of playing this trick on him.

His dimple is more obvious on his right although he has it on both sides. I can't really tell he has lost weight, not when I keep seeing his weight increasing on the weighing machine. Hahaha

I guess you are right. This type of case should be rather rare in Singapore.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin

He is very seldom in bad mood. But like I told Amy, he only knows how to shake his head so I played this trick on him.

Thanks for spotting the error. This is why I cannot edit my own work.

So boys and girls take this as a lesson that you must always check your work before handing it in or worse still post in on the internet for the whole world to see.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Roanne,

He doesn't know how to nod his head and every time he tries he ends up shaking it instead.

I can imagine we will really peng-san if we ask if he is a naughty boy and he nod his head. Hahahaha

The Bimbo said...

YAY Girlgirl!! so happy for you guys!

Poor Isaac he keeps shaking! I showed my mom and sis... Mom says it's easier for kids to shake head.... :P lol

notions in play said...

Isacc is an avid head shaker! do you think he would shake no if you asked if he was a boy? heh!

this gender mix up thing... can be quite unnerving. Guess it is great that you both got a double confirmation. =)

Angie said...

now you and the mrs can safely and happily shop for pink rompers and pink blankets and pink mittens and pink, pink pink, Pink, PINK everythg!:D

happy shopping!

mummy yio said...

Hehe, Issac's face looks sharper. He's probably packing on muscles and losing abit of those baby fats... Muscles weight more than fats. Thats what i tell myself too on those rare occasions that i do step onto a weighing machine :P

Hmm, i second what angie has said... Now you guys can safely and happily buy lots of pink stuff home. I didn't buy alot of pink stuff when i was pregnant but when baby was born somehow i just kept dressing her in pink so much so that everything i bought for her subsequently was pink also and now pink is also gradually becoming my favourite colour :S

Anonymous said...

Isaac is so cute lah… kenna bully by his parents:)

And yes I think he “lost” weight… or maybe the weight evenly distributed rather than all concentrated on his face. No more super chubby boy liao.. now is just right, still cute n handsome lah

REALLY cannot tell what the scan is about man… I stare at it for 10 mins…. Still cannot figure out… haha but happy that one of the bb is a girl  sure spend a lot of money to doll her up…

p.s> wah I think not only you high maintenance ah… Isaac oso follow ur trait ah… all branded stuff *faint*

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Bobo,

Thanks!! We are just as thrilled to learn for the second time round that there is a girl in there!!

Isaac likes shaking his head whenever he sees us nod ours. I honestly think that he is trying to nod but ended up shaking instead. Maybe your mum is right after all it is easier for babies to shake their heads!

When he does nod you can be sure the question is "Isaac, you a naughty boy?" Hahahaha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Stagnant, (do you mind leaving a name?)

Isaac will basically shake his head to any questions we ask. Just this morning I was waving my hand and telling "bye bye" and instead of raising his hand like I thought him, he shook his head again. Hee hee

We are glad and relieved at the same time now that we got the double and triple confirmation that it is Hayley in there.

Guess the shopping will start soon!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Angie,

Let the shopping begin!!!

Now that there will be the year end and Xmas sales I guess we might be able to pick up something nice for Hayley.

However we will be fair and buy stuffs for the boy (still unnamed) as well.

I believe the shopping will be worse if the Mrs is more mobile.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Amy,

Yes, Isaac's face is indeed sharper. He has definitely lost his baby fat if you compare with the Nippon Sumo picture.

If according to your theory then I am surely packing a lot more muscles these days!!!

I am not sure if we will buy lots of pink stuffs because I like the kids to be dressed in different colours. Take Isaac for example, he has almost all colours except for pink and black.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Cecilia,

Now is the best time to "bully" him since he is defenseless. Hahahaha

He is definitely not super chubby like the Sumo picture but he is still a plus size baby. When we were at Dr N's clinic, a couple who has kids of their own thought Isaac was TWO years old?!?!?!

They were shocked and a little embarrassed when I told them he is only 11 months. Hahahaha

The scan is the without a doubt confirmation that it is a she so go figure.

I have to clarify that all Isaac's branded clothes are from Godma. We usually buy from Gap and Zara only.

As for me, I do have a good mixture. Not all branded lah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan

wahaha... the scan pic that u posted is so unusual

Must be wondering why I said that right? cos normally gynae will tell u if baby close their legs when they tried to scan for gender, 90% are girls cos girls shy mah...

maybe Hayley wants to reassure mummy that She is there... so cute... so Mrs can now go for the shopping for pink spree!

my boy is into shaking his head too... and is those type of continuous shaking especially when he is playing his toy piano or when we play him music on TV...


Anonymous said...

Issac is so cute!he seems more intrested in the thing(phone?)in his hand rather than u and mrs though..haha

thought of a name for the boy alr?in my opinion hayden is more of a boy's name...gd luck on the shopping!

Nicole said...

I've yet to teach Cleo nodding or shaking her head.

She have however knows that waving goodbye and giving goodbye flying kisses comes in a whole package. Just this morning, when she saw my mum leaving, she just wave her goodbye and even fly kiss some goodbye kisses. Needless to say, all of us were so impressed. Haha!

So how have you decide to celebrate fat boy's birthday?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Circusbugs,

Hmmm..... based on your comment am I to assume that you managed to figure out what the picture is? Honestly I have the picture with me for so many days and I am still clueless what is where and where is what.

Yeah maybe Hayley is being cooperative so her mummy can start buying stuffs for her.

So your boy shakes his head too? But I think he is groovier because he shakes when he is on his piano and listening to music. Isaac shakes when we are talking to him.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous, (leave your name or alias?)

Yes he was rather distracted with my iPhone. He likes to lick and bite it sometimes.

Nope, no luck on the boy's name yet. But we should finalise it soon as there is not much time left.

Not too much luck on the shopping if you know what I mean.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Your Cleo is exceptional because she can do so many things. The Mrs and I are equally impressed from reading your blog.

Isaac cannot do most of it yet.

As for the not-so-fat-anymore boy's birthday celebration, we are still undecided. It seems like the Mrs is stuck with the caterer because she didn't want too Xmas kind of food and most places want a minimum of 40 pax. I'm actually planning to do a post on it soon.

Anonymous said...

haha this is so funny, i dreamt of u and your wife this am.

random as usual, we were having dinner and i was thinking in my dream how come your wife so short, she was like 1.4 something in my dream. after dinner we went see my dog in the playground of my old home..

I think it could be because of the video u uploaded.. I was thinking and laughin to myself, now hear both your voices and see your faces, we are like "family"..LOL

woke up with a HUH look on my face..LOL

mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Thanks for regarding us as family even if it is only in your dream but I think what really happened here is subconsciously you want to buy my family a nice Xmas dinner so as a result you even dreamt about it.

I can't comprehend why the Isaac's video will make you dream about us. Hahaha Maybe it's like what you said, not only can you put faces to our names, now you can even put our voices to them.

Anonymous said...

yah maybe.. but i shd do it soon cos next time treat ur family ah wah alot of people ah...5!!! LOL

mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Actually you do not have to worry about that because they will still be happy with just drinking their milk for another few more years.

Surely you will not wait for 3 or more years to give this dinner treat right? Hahaha

shysta said...

lol. its funny how yew kept repeating are yew a gewd boi Yes? YES? Great boi YESS???

congrats on the (how many times already?) confirmation on the baby gerl!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shysta,

Hahaha, actually the key word here is 'Yes'. You see we have been teaching him to nod his head when we said 'yes' but he always end up shaking his head instead.

So now whenever we say 'yes' he will shake his head. So to play a trick on him we have to keep repeating our question follow by a 'yes'. He was distracted so it took a while longer.

Thanks for congratulating yet again. Hahaha

Nicole said...

The caterer that I've chosen offers minimum 30 pax only and it's big serving.

And it's not xmas food as well. :)

YLS. Heard of it before?? Derrick and I had ordered it before back then and their serving was really big and the food was quite ok.

We chose 21st to celebrate Cleo's birthday so that there won't be any surcharge and also, the guests we are inviting are available. As we have said earlier, many won't be around during festive seasons. :)

shysta said...

hmmm can the Mrs sense whether the twin boy feels left out cos everyone's buzzing about his twin sister? haha.

Anonymous said...

kiddin' lah, even if they ate steak and drank red wine.. it's fine too.. you think mrs chew so stingy meh??? actually just the other day i just mentioned to G that it's funny.. i feel like we'r friends but never meet before..hahaaha..

mrs chew

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your recommendation. The problem we have here is also we are not serving lunch. We are looking at doing it between 2 - 4pm and it will be on Christmas Day so......

I'm leaving this to the Mrs since she has time on her hands but I imagine we will have to conclude by next week.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Shysta,

Thanks for reminding me to not let the matter get out of hand. Both twins should get equal attention.

First task on hand is to confirm on his English name.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jolin,

Thanks in advance for the dinner treat. Wah, steak and red wine some more. You are spoiling us. Hahaha

I think we are like pen pals / friends now. Only write but never meet. Who knows friendship may last longer this way also. Important thing to note is we are only a comment or email away.

ourlittleone said...

Haha..I guess babies learn to shake head first then nod their head. Same goes for Chloe. She kept shaking non stop even when she heard the music lyrics go "NO NO NO". Haha. Only until she reached 9months plus then she suddenly know how to nod her head. :)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Chloe's mum, (don't think I got your name right?)

Another example of girls learning motor skills faster than boys or at least Isaac in this case because he at 11 months is still only shaking his head.

However we are not worried because we were told that it is good to let the children take their time to learn not that we can hasten it anyway.

Why Not said...

It is refreshing to read from a husband. :-) A lucky wife your Mrs is, for having a man who cares enough to write about his thoughts. And congrats!!! Take care too!

Anonymous said...

Oh ...having a gal....Let the shopping begins now that Mrs got the confirmation from Dr.
hahaha....Girls' clothings are much nicer as compare to the limited pattern to the boy.....hahaha
Both u & mrs is going to burn a hole in the pocket for buying all the nice nice clothings(in pink & blue). Watch out!
Enjoy shopping like I did for my 3 gals! (and still buying...)

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Jayne,

Welcome to my humble blog. Thanks for your compliment and well wishes.

I hope to see you back here leaving comments again.

Take care!


A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Linda,

With the Doctor's triple confirmation we can shop safely now.

It is true that girls’ clothes offer a whole lot more variation and choices. Guys’ clothes tend to be a little boring. At least Isaac wears all colours so that helps.

I'm sure we will end up like you and keep on buying clothes for them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just happened to chance upon your blog and would just like to congratulate u abt the twins. Anyway, I was reading your older posts n realised that u guys are paying a lot for injections. Would like to share with u my experience abt the injections (I have triplets). I bought the medicine from the hospital and brought them to my GP to inject me twice weekly n he only charged me $8 for each injection. Maybe u may try that to save a bit of money which will come in handy. Anyway there's a twins support grp that u may be interested in. U may know more about it at www.twinsplussing.com. Good luck! :)

Nyeshia's mummy said...

Hey Issac is so cute in the short clip.
Nyeshia behaves the same way too : )
So funny.
Our babies are turning one in abt 2weeks time.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by, leaving your comment and sharing your experience.

We knew that we were paying a little high for the jabs but since the Mrs had to bed rested so we had no choice but to get the nurse to come.

Now that the Mrs is better and is able to go out, we have since done what you did. We are now going to our neighbourhood clinic and getting the jabs there instead. Although the cost is $12 and not $8 like yours but there is still quite a fair bit of savings.

The Mrs is aware of the twins support thanks!

I hope to see you back here again but do leave a name the next time?

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Eve,

So Isaac is not alone in his head shaking. Hahahaha

Ya, they are both turning 1 very soon. Time flies right?! The way I see it they grow very fast too!!

So you had all the arrangements made for Nyeshia's birthday celebration right? We are still on the fence as to whether to celebrate or not.

Anyway congratulations on winning the picture of the week!! I have full confidence you will win!

Hello! My name is Hayley Tan said...

Congrats having 1 boy and 1 girl!
Look fwd to their arrival.
Meantime, our best regards to Mrs.

Hayley is indeed a nice name hee.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Hayley's mummy (name if you don't mind),

Thanks!!! We are half hearted about their arrival. On one hand we can't wait but on the other hand we are a little worried about the money and logistic issues.

Anyway Hayley is indeed a very nice name!