Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I know for a fact that many of you readers are pregnant and some of you with twins some more. I couldn’t be happier for all of you. Some are you are probably pregnant for the first time hence there are many questions and worries which is normal. While our current journey doesn’t quite apply, you are welcome to go back to the beginning of this blog to find out what we went through.

If there is one advice that I can give you besides the usual “be careful”; “rest more”; “eat healthy”; “don’t jump”; “cannot lift heavy stuffs” etc, it will definitely be “enjoy and remember every moment”. I do not believe this is something that you hear very often from women who went through the whole ordeal. At least we didn’t.

Honestly the entire pregnancy will go by very quickly. We keep hearing parents say how times fly but from our experience this feeling actually starts to apply the minute you’re pregnant. As with all things we do not feel it until the whole event is over. It is usually related more to looking back.

It really didn’t dawn on me until recently when I have readers asked me about our pregnancies. I realize then that I could not answer most of the questions. Some of the more dramatic incidents I do remember of course. Episodes such as how the Mrs was spotting for the first time and being inexperienced then we were really worried (incidentally this is one of my favourite post) and of course the time when we were so close to losing the twins. Looking at the twins now it still gives me goose bumps whenever I recall the entire terrible incident (one of the most touching post and comments page), how helpless we were and how hard the Mrs was crying.

Ok, let’s not scare you ladies. I remembered I once blogged about having positive image and not listen to all the “chickens” throughout your pregnancies (some of you readers will remember this post about chickens and eagles). Don’t let these “chickens” influence you with all their negative, sad and horrible stories about so and so and such and such. If it is not going to help with your pregnancy then tell them don’t bother to share.

What I really want to tell you is to try and remember each moment and document what you are experiencing if possible. Believe me when I tell you this; with so many things happening and so much changes to the environment and your body, you will be hard-pressed to recall in details once the dust has settled. This is exactly what we are experiencing right now. Most things just seem so …………. vague. Many a time we need to remind each other so it is a good thing that we experienced both pregnancies together.

The other good thing is of course how I managed to keep a blog and post on a weekly basis on the happenings during both pregnancies. So now when I cannot answer most of your questions I can always direct you to the earlier posts. For your sake I wish the titles are a little more precise and helpful about the topic but I have always preferred to keep it to one word to give it a sense of “huh”.

Things that I cannot remember are often related to the time scale also. So if you are looking at asking when did we do what scan and when did we do a certain test, I’m telling you now my mind draws a blank. They all seem rather close together but at the same time seem rather well spread out during the pregnancy.

I do remember something of the scans and tests of course. Details such as how long they took hence how long I had to wait to how expensive they were when we saw the bill. But if you mention the name of the test of scan to me, you might as well be speaking French to me as far as I’m concerned. That is how hopeless I am.

But by remembering I am not only referring to the name of the tests, scans, procedures and medicines. I am referring more to how you feel and experience at each stage of the journey. How much of the laksa or curry you have puked for example leaving such wonderful after taste that you will not crave for that bowl of laksa or curry perhaps till after the pregnancy. What about how many times you had to get up and drag yourself to the toilet only to find that you really need to get that 20ml of pee out of your bladder. Or the many sleepless nights that you have due to the weight and position of your child which is made worse by the solo performance (read snoring) by your husband? Who can forget the breathlessness that you experienced making every shopping trip so unforgettable? Suddenly covering Vivo City or Ngee Ann City does not seem like such a good idea after all.

Not too long ago the Mrs made a scary remark to her colleague again. She said she missed the days of being pregnant and we all know what happened the last time she said something like that. I believe she is really just trying to relieve the moment in her mind instead of missing being pregnant.

So ladies, please take my advice. Enjoy each and every stage of your pregnancy now and most importantly try and find your own way to document so you can remember in years to come. It is truly an amazing journey and experience and we all know that good things often pass us by too quickly.


Nicole said...

That's what a blog is all about! To document down all the memories, so that you can always look back and remember!

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Nicole,

True true. That was the exact reason why I started the blog. To help me remember.

Another part of me hopes to share it with the kids when they are old enough.

alicia said...

yeah, somehow i felt something is missing from the part of me after i gave birth.n tat's was missing my whole pregancny!! i do miss my boys inside my stomach,how i endure all the jabs,scans,sleepless nites...
sometimes when i looked back,wow,that was something nice to remember.

The Chronicler said...

hahaha... can totally identify with your post. It was the whole reason I came up with my blog too - to document everything! My only regret is that I have been too busy to blog updates regularly. Sometimes, before you can blog about it, it changes! Hahaha...

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Alicia,

So you are one of those mothers who feel something missing after you have given birth huh?

Funny how things look much better and nicer when we look back? Even if they are daily jabs and medicines.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Pam,

How have you been? Long time no hear from you.

So you should be able to pop in about a month's time? Do keep me posted ya?

I totally agree with you that things change so fast and before we can blog it is no longer valid.

Take care!

Joyce said...

Much to reminisce huh ;). I also miss and enjoy all my pregnancies; despite the horrible MS, jabs, bleeding, hospitalization, etc. In fact, I keep a journal on all my preganancies. And thou I do not keep a blog, I made notes on the boys' progress in my own journal too.

Now aboout 9 more weeks to go before e.d.d; feeling excited to be able to see the little princess soon. Meanwhile, juz wanna savour every moment of the little one inside me ^o^.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Joyce,

Sorry for late response. Not sure if your princess has arrived by now but take care and keep me posted ya!

Meantime I will keep a close watch on your facebook for update!