Thursday, 7 June 2007


This was not my original intended post. I was almost done with my next post about the sufferings that the Mrs is going through. But this morning I got a rather bad scare from her hence this immediate post.

While I was washing up and preparing to go to work, she held my elbow, looked me in the eyes and told me that she was spotting. And I was thinking to myself "Oh Shit!! This can't be good right?!"

On the way to work, if you were in our car you would have sense the tension and anxiety that we were both feeling. The silence was deafening. I was really worried for both Baby and the Mrs. "Is Baby going to be alright?" "Will the Mrs be able to take it if something bad did happened to Baby?" I dared not even contemplate that thought for too long. I stole occasion glances at her while driving and I could see her eyes were all teary and red.

Not being able to do anything, I could only held onto her hand and continue to drive in silence and all the while wondering what could have caused it. "Could it have been her stretching accidentally when she woke up?" She said that when she vomited this morning it was really hard and she had to force it out. "Could that have triggered it?"

We were scheduled to meet our Gynae, Dr N, only tomorrow to take another picture of Baby but since this happened, she has rescheduled to go and see him today. Good thing was she worked really close to Dr N so she did not have to go into the clinic and wait. She was able to go back to work and waited for the nurses to call her when it was about to be her turn, although I honestly doubt she could get any work done at all.

Due to work commitment I was not able to accompany her. This was the first time that she had to go and see Dr N without me.

The phone rang at about 9.47 in the morning and she was on the other line. From her tone I could tell that things are not alright but she was feeling that way because Dr N had a procedure to do in the morning so she was to wait for their call. It was sort of a relief because it was not bad news. I know, it was not good news but hey I'm alright so long as it was not any bad news.

Finally she called me about 2 plus hours later. I was a little afraid to pick up the phone on one hand but at the same time could not wait to pick it up and be there for her.

Thankfully this time I could sense that things were alright. I could sense her smile and relief behind the phone.

According to Dr N, she has some blood clog and that caused the spotting. I don't have the full picture yet but as far as I need to know now both she and Baby are alright. There are of course some preventive measures and probably some medication too. Since they did a scan and her next appointment is 1 month later, I am assuming Dr N is confident that things are alright.

I have not seen Baby's new picture yet but it seems we can see all the limbs already. Don't worry, I will post it for you in due time.

Right now just be happy for us that this whole episode did not turn out as bad as it could have been.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm seeing Dr N too :) Glad that the Mrs and baby are fine. They are in very good hands!

A Husband's Voice said...

Really? I'm trying to be anonymous here. So shhh...... :)
So when are you due? Do try and leave a nick so I know it's you again should you post any more comments. Do take great care!

Anonymous said...

hi..spoting is common in the 1st trimester. As long there is no heavy bleeding or pain, no cause to worry... but of cos, to put ur mind at ease, see ur gynae.

u know me...ewoks from SHM..hehe