Thursday, 14 June 2007


The Mrs is having a little problem – tummy problem.

See, while she is happy losing weight and having slimmer arms and legs, her tummy is naturally getting bigger. Now she looks like a slim lady with a tummy so if she is on the bus or MRT, I honestly doubt anyone will let her have the seat.

No, seriously. She is actually having problem fitting into her working clothes.

This is a bigger problem than I imagined. She is at a stage whereby she should not be wearing the maternity clothes but she is also unable to fit into normal work clothes.

We went to a few maternity shops but she is really shy about going in and worse still trying the clothes on!! Her reason is she does not look pregnant (read slim lady with tummy) and she’s afraid we’ll look K.S. shopping for maternity clothes now.

If you think trying to fit into the day to day work clothes is bad, wait till you see her try and fit into her jeans!!! She definitely can’t fit into them anymore. Not if she wants to button up that is.

So we shopped and I insisted that she tried on some of these jeans with this really wide elastic band that can be folded into half, you ladies know what I’m talking about, but she is not used to it. She finds it odd and come to think of it I don’t blame her actually. It does look rather odd but maybe it feels comfortable?!?!

There is this thing I noticed hanging on the side of the changing room in one of these shops. It is like a small cushion that has a tie around ribbon. I’m no expert but I am guessing that this is for the mummies-to-be to tie on their tummy when trying on clothes. Wish I had a digital camera then so I can show those of you (total of 2) who has not seen it. Well that was my first time and I find it rather amusing.

The one thing that she managed to find so far are these draw strings ¾ pants that some are wearing for yoga or to sleep. She bought them from the pasar malam place at bugis. She is rather happy with her buy cause it only cost S$18 per piece when Swell is selling something similar at S$79 each although notably the material is much better. But since its for short term, the Mrs is fine with the cheaper one.

One friend suggested buying large size clothes from places like Zara and Mango while another suggested for her to buy hipster jeans so that she can wear while her stomach continues to grow.

As she is still feeling the all day sickness, we will not be going for any clothes shopping anytime soon. It's a shame considering that the GSS is now on.


Anonymous said...

just a few suggestions on what Mrs can wear instead of those over sized maternity wear.

i'm petite when i was preggie too. naturally, i don't look good in those maternity wear. instead, i bought empire dress/baby doll dress or top, drawstring bottom, elastic waist band pants. i got most of my empire dress from mphosis and i only need to get size M, bottoms can get from tom and stephanie, they have reasonably priced maternity and tops, i can from this fashion which are very cheap!

i think the drawstring pants that your wife bought are very good buys, wise choice. it may even last her until her last tri if her tummy are not gonna be that big. my tummy was small and compact and my clothes last me until the day i gave birth. trusts me, no point spending so much $ on maternity wear that's gonna last you for 9mths or should i say 6mth coz the 1st tri is usually too early for such wear.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if yr Mrs is kinda of shy in trying out maternity clothings now, mayb you can try to get it online instead and the pricing is quite resonable. Or there's some Old Navy(brand) spree going on in the singaporemotherhood forum which U can get them for her also. Some weblink for you...

Spree Thread:-

Old Navy webbie:- (price in USD)

Maternity Online store:-


Anonymous said...

another suggestion... she could try getting a bella band (can buy at Maternity Exchange at Marina Square) to wear over her normal pants. I wore that too till I can't fit into my regular pants & had to switch to wearing maternity pants (cos I'm now in my 3rd tri). It's a really good investment for me. =)

Anonymous said...

I agree what the above site said abt not rubbing the tummy which I find a lot of preg ladies made a habbit of.

Anonymous said...


First of all, CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!! It's very nice of you to start this blog, and I think you deserve 2 thumbs up!

Just like to share; instead of getting those belly bands, you can also ask your wife to try using tubes. I used this since I conceived up till abt 7+ mths preg; to wear over my regular pants and jeans. I have 2 classic colours - black and white. Tubes can be purchased rather cheaply as compare to those belly bands. I got mine for about $6.90 each. Do go for those that are more stretchable and larger in size. You can try 'Sianeder' at Ang Mo Kio Hub. I find their tubes of better quality. One note thou, most of my regular bottoms which I try with such wearing, are low-waist, and I usually pair up with longer tops.

Hence, before your Mrs get the tubes, she might want to consider the colours of the regular pants she'd normally wear, and buy the tubes in those complementing colours.

Hope this helps.

P.S. With abit of recee, you may not have to spend too much on maternity clothes, cuz nowadays, many 'normal boutiques' sell nice dresses and tops which are a fraction of the price of those sold in Maternity Shop.