Wednesday, 6 June 2007


We recently did a second scan and can confirm that we are expecting one baby. It was quite an amazing experience seeing the little feller. The little heart pumping away aggressively. Our Gynae actually turned up the volume and we can hear his rapid heart beat.

Here is the picture of Baby taken at 7 weeks and 5 day old. This is from a different angle which is rather hard to spot for me.

From this picture, you can see very clearly the head and the tail. The Gynae was using the device to measure and that’s how we know Baby is only 13mm long!?!?!

I have taken the initiative to show you a picture of a ruler so you can appreciate just how tiny Baby is.

I think to fully appreciate you need to take out your own ruler and see for yourself how short is 13mm.

I am truly amazed by how miraculous life is. From this tiny little 13mm being, Baby will grow to be about 1.7m (plus / minus) tall and will be the death of the Mrs and I, well at times.

Won't it be interesting to look back at this post years down the road when Baby is being naughty and go "see, I knew it!" Hmmm........


Anonymous said...

Hi AHusband,

I read thru ur blog..=)) thumbs up!! its really so nice of you to make this BB blog n voice out yr thots in there.. where i dun think most of the fathers will do.. (not to offend others cos my hb dun even agree on blog due to the security issues)

Yr Mrs & bb are blessed!! =))


Anonymous said...

uhmm... i think my eyes are playin me.. heehe this first sight I saw the 1st scan photo, I spot a face... dont know if u realised it?.. heehee anyway jus ignore keke..=))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being a new father-to-be!

Love your blog and am looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with you and your wife through your blog. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Congratz on being a father-to-be.. Yup, indeed, few daddies will create a blog specially dedicated to their baby... Not to mention my hub lar... your wife and baby are blesses to have you.. Enjoy fatherhood ya...

Anonymous said...


been into ur blog. interesting. very few man wld do blogging for their wife & always the mummies doing it. do update it often. will be visiting it again. tks.

as for the superstitious stuff, whoa, u defintely will be hearing more of it as the pregnancy progress. Some are better to be believed than ignoring it. Some, well, just hear for the sake of hearing...kekeke

btw, which hospital/gynae ur wife visiting?

Anonymous said...

First of all, i must really give credit to you for starting this blog!! your Mrs must be so proud of you!

it must be very exciting to see and hear your bb for the very first time!

keep your blog going!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing to have a baby growing inside too. How I wish I can experience it soon.