Wednesday, 27 June 2007


During my last post, I realised that I have not put up Baby's picture for some time now. Well here it is.

This was taken on the day that the Mrs was spotting in the morning and then went to see Dr N immediately that very same day.

Dr N actually commented that Baby looks like a little teddy bear in this picture with its arms and legs. What do you think?

Baby was 9 weeks 1 day old when this picture was taken.

Speaking of age, I was completing a form the other day and one of the questions was 'Do you have any children?' and trying to be funny I answered "One on the way!" The next question was 'If yes, how many and how old are they?' I answered "By the time you read this, about 12 weeks old". Then the Mrs rightfully pointed out that whoever is reading will think that Baby is already born and only 12 weeks old. So I added "oh ya - in the tummy".

So should babies be classified as 9 months and so many days old when born? Why shouldn't the age be calculated starting from the fertilised stage? Wouldn't that be something?

Ignore me, just thinking rubbish aloud.

I have to remind myself to tell Dr N when we next visit him that I do not want to know the gender of Baby if possible. By then Baby will be slightly more than 4 months old so can tell already right?

I know technology allow us to know way in advance now but I honestly prefer to wait till delivery. I would like to retain the element of surprise unless of course Junior here is rather well hung then we will have another thing to celebrate. I was watching a show over the weekend and the way the mother put it was "it's like trying to sneak a peak of your Christmas present before Boxing Day" I thought it expressed what I feel totally.

Luckily for me the Mrs was alright and supportive of the idea. I told her that we can buy whatever colour clothes and stuffs for Baby so long as we avoid Pink and Blue generally associated with baby Girl and Boy respectively. So for the pram, I am already eyeing the red one but it's hard to find one now as most places do not carry it in red anymore.

I personally feel that Baby can wear whatever colour he / she wants. Boys can wear pink, red, yellow, orange just like girls can wear blue, black, green, brown, grey etc. You get the picture.

To me the only inconvenience of not knowing if Baby is a boy or a girl is finding a name. We will have to think of names for both genders for now. I will have another post on names in the future, I'm sure. Hey! Why don't I start a drive here for suggestions. The only condition is the Mrs wants it in a single syllable and oh, it must be an actual name. Not one of those that are merely made up of some English alphabets and are so unique that no one has ever heard of before.

Names, anyone?


Anonymous said...

guys: Jack, Charles, John, Joe, Mark, James, Doug, Leon

gals: Joan, Jane, Anne, Clare, Lynn, Mae

enjoying your blog... hope the above names are useful in a way.. single syllabus a bit more difficult to find wor... and usually are more "dated" :)

Anonymous said...

My suggestions as follows:
Boys - Wayne, Luke, Jake, Clive, Shane, Shawn.
Girls – Shann, Claire, Zoe, June

Lionel n Rachel said...

Male: Nick, Dave, Sean, Cliff, Karl/Carl, Don, Sam, Roy, Keith, Mike

Female: Sue, May, Raye, Jill, Joy, Faith, Jean

Suitable for both gender: Chris

cant tink of anymore at tis moment. hope the above names give u some ideas...


missmoon said...

some names i personally like:

boys: Kai, Nate, Matt, Shawn, Josh

girls: Kate, Jade, Jill

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Ladies,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. The Mrs and I are seriously considering some of the names that you have put up.

I only wish there will be more forward coming readers such as yourselves providing me with their valuable feedback, suggestions and comments.

Thanks for your support.

Keep reading ya?!

Anonymous said...

boys: James, Sean

gals: Ruth, Beth, Jade

A bit tough to find single syllabus names and one that's nice.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to congratulate you and wife. Anyway its true that boys can wear any color. My prince is 3 mths now and he have a number of pink clothes.

A Husband's Voice said...

Hi Anonymous (wish you could leave a name),

I totally agree with you on guys wearing Pink. I have a few pink tops and am planning to get a pair of pink converse as well. Ha Ha

A Husband's Voice said...

Hey all you ladies,

Thanks for all your suggestions and we did give some of it (mainly boy names) a lot of considerations.

I wish to inform you that we have mostly decided on Kate if Baby is a girl. That is a name that we liked for the longest time plus I do like Kate Hudson and kate Beckingsale. He He

As for boy's name I think we have narrowed down to 2.

The Mrs likes Kai (its Ocean in Hawaiian). Incidentally, my name has something to do with Ocean in Welsh. Oh and credit to you Cynthia for suggesting.

Me, I like Rafe mainly for its uniqueness more than anything.

Stay tuned to see if the Mrs or I prevail at the end.