Monday, 25 June 2007


I am really beginning to appreciate that pregnancy is a rather long journey full of worries.

While trying to conceive, we were worried if both of us were healthy and whether the egg will fertilise and clinch on to the uterus. Next we have to be extremely careful during this 1st trimester. Every little symptom will cause us to worry as you read in my earlier post, Scare.

Now that we are coming to the end of our 1st trimester, due the Mrs and I are in our early thirties, she has to go through the Oscar test. It will be another cause of worry and anxiety until we see the report confirming that Baby is fine.

We were watching this documentary on National Geographic last night called In The Womb. It was a very detailed and educational piece. However its main content was on how multiple babies i.e. Twins and Triplets are formed. It showed the fetus which looked like a fish, with a tail and eyes on each side of the head, developing into a small baby taking the form of a human. After about an hour, the Mrs decided she has had enough.

Apparently as she watched the development of the fetus, she could not help but to think of Baby. Actually to put it more accurately she was worried about Baby's own development. She was concerned if Baby is developing properly and at the rate that all normal babies should.

I believe she was feeling insecure. After all the last time we scanned was some weeks ago and we will not be due for another 'photo taking' till almost end of July. Maybe it is the mother's protective nature taking its course now.

Since she can't really feel Baby inside her now, she can only rely on the doctor's visits and ultra scans to know for certain that Baby is doing just fine. I believe all this will change once Baby starts to move or kick her during the later stage of her pregnancy.

Sometimes all this seems so surreal to the Mrs. I know she still finds it hard to believe that she is pregnant. At times it all seems like a dream to her and then she had to remind herself that she has not had her menses for months now. Silly as it may be but I do not think feeling this way is unique to only my Mrs. I believe many of the mummies out there feel this way too.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the Oscar test results will be good. Otherwise it will be another major worry and sleepless nights for weeks till we do the Amniocentesis.

Wish us luck!


missmoon said...

hi there
first of all, congratulations :)

came across this blog from the singapore motherhood forum. interesting read :) brings back memories for me.

dun worry about the OSCAR test. i'm in my thirties when i gave birth last july, and i didn't go thru it at all. infact, gynae didn't order an amnio test either - triple test came out fine and so there. but, it's a continuous journey of worry - i thot i could relax after the 1st tri...but noooo, nonono, it just piles on one after another.

the thing is, we just had to tell ourselves to relax and be happy - so baby gets the good vibes and be a smiley and happy baby :)

here's wishing u and missus and bb a smooth remaining months to the D day!

Anonymous said...

Hi hi...

My hubby used to blog on my pregnancy journey too but had since stopped bcos he just couldn't afford the time and energy. We're parents to a pair of 8-month old twins.

Agree with Cynthia. Don't worry about the OSCAR test results. I was 33 when I delivered my gals last Oct. There were so much things to worry about when carrying multiples. I took the best advise from GOD - worry about nothing! Afterall, what can one change by worrying?

My family and friends believe my gals were carried to term healthily and are bubbly girls now bcos I was worry-free when I was carrying them. I agree too! :)

But then again, I also had my share of morning sickness, including frequent blackouts. Its the result of raging hormones but that's good for the pregnancy. Like your Mrs, I had morning sickness all day and I'd throw up all 3 to 5 meals a day. I lost 5kg in the first trimester and only gain back the 5 in my 2nd trimester. But guess what? I put on a total of 17kg by the time I delivered my babies! Isn't that amazing? So advise your Mrs to just go with the flow. Nature works in its most amazing ways. Babies know just what to absorb from mommy.

And I read with a wide smile about the dressing issues. Yes, me too look like I had a tummy issue in my 2nd trimester. Was all slim expcept a bulging tummy. Kekeke... No one can tell I'm pregnant on public transport. *Sob*

Anyway, I just want to wish you both an enjoyable journey to parenthood. Its one of the best times spent with my hubby. Remember - just "Relax and Go with the Flow!"