Monday, 11 June 2007


It really pains me to see the Mrs suffering so much. Maybe you experienced parents out there can advise.

What happens is the Mrs is feeling morning sickness which is not unusual except that she is feeling it ALL DAY LONG!!! She feels like vomiting day and night which results in her having no appetite at all for food of any kind. It has been going on for about a month already and I'm not sure if this is the direct cause but she has lost about 3kg now - another worry on its own. Not for her though, she is actually rather happy with her new weight, slimmer arms and legs.

Besides the all day sickness, she is also always out of breath and having cramps most of the time. I read somewhere that out of breath is due to the expanded lung capacity hence she needs to take in longer and deeper breaths to fill it. This is still manageable since we have cut down on her walking around (means no shopping during this GSS) plus she can position her body such that the cramp is minimised.

It is the all day sickness that is driving her up the wall and I can only watch on helplessly. Sometimes my show of concern actually irritates her because I am always reminding her to eat but she is always telling me that she will if she can but even the thought of drinking plain water makes her want to puke.

As it is she is already not eating breakfast and she is trying her best not to skip lunch as well. I also learn that constant sickness is good in the sense that the HCG must be high which equates to the pregnancy being stable. This must be another one of God's wicked sense of humour.

The few times she finished her dinner was when she had a particular craving and given time to eat slowly, she surprised even herself by finishing the entire meal. Unfortunately these times when she has cravings are few and far between.

Since she is always on the verge of vomiting, she is also very selective of her food. She does not want to eat food like laksa or curry that will leave a very bad after taste once she has vomited. Hence the poor thing has been surviving on bee hoon soup, porridge and other food along this line.

Read in the same magazine that Ginger biscuit and tea etc will help but it doesn't work on her.

Advice anyone?


Anonymous said...

hi..MS are very very common in the 1st trimester...some last thru out the pregnancy.let ur mrs be "fussy" with the food she chooses. let her eat wat she feels like.

try eating orange peel (suan mei) & fruit juices to ease the discomfort.

ur gynae can also prescribe some anti vomiting pills to help.

as for the cramps dat she is feelin, esp if it is felt in the legs, get ur mrs to lie down and propped her legs up on some pillows. it will bring abt blood circulation.

hope the abv helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi...chance upon your blog in the forum

Hope your wife is feeling better each day...just would like to share on how a husband's stand during wifey preggie stage

First...stand by her decision...wifey knows best for the baby...if she does not want to eat...dun force...if she wants to eat everything...moderation in all things would be fine

Second...dun ever ever say she is fact in any time of our marriage life :) me...a happy mummy = a happy baby!

Have fun!...these 10 months will be a journey of discovery and happiness!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am 19 weeks pregnant and can totally relate with what your Mrs is going thru. Different women have different experiences. For some women, the morn sickness lasts thru'out the pregnancy but for some, only a few months, a few times or even none. Read that it actually cannot be explained tho sm would say that it indicates that your baby is growing well : ) I can also understand how she feels when pple kept telling her to eat, quite frustrating actually cos we know we have to eat but we just cannot. Read from a website that banana helps to curb morn sickness. I did try but din really work for me. Also, cramps indicate a lack of calcium so could be so for ur wife. Good to chk with ur gynea. Hope ur Mrs feels better soon.

Anonymous said...


Morning sickness is very common in first trimester. It is ok if your Mrs doesn't feel like eating.

It is ok even if she loses weight.

Her appetite will be back after the 1st trimester and she could be eating more than ever.

I recommend you get this book and read all about pregnancy.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

sorry the URL didn't come out as it is, the book title is

What to Expect When You're Expecting


Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, Sandee Hathaway

Anonymous said...

Hi AHusband,

First of all - Congrats! I'm sure you will have plenty to look forward to being a new daddy! Wait till you get to know your baby's gender, there'll be more things to plan and items to buy (or, $$$ to spend), kekeke...

Enjoy precious time alone with your Mrs now though... when the baby arrives you may not have the luxury of couple time. And make sure you get enough sleep now... in fact, lots of it!

Take good care of Mrs and baby and all the Best!


Anonymous said...

try honey water or ribena if Mrs can't take plain water. its perfectly normal to reject water as i hate drinking plain water during my 1st tri too. but do make sure the excessive vomitting is not causing her to be dehyrated, if this happen, gotta bring her to gynae and admit for rehydration.

however bad the morning sickness may be, trust me, its not gonna lasts for long. sweet things always comes after the bitter part.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you can got into the below webbie to know more about pregnancy stages when u are free.... Jus share share....=))

Unknown said...


got to know of ur blog fr i had suffered from MS for abt 2mths n it has juz stopped recently at wk 14 or 15. (i'm at wk 17 nw)

i had the same experience as ur MRS. it was terrible. even drinking water oso wanna puke. my hb felt quite useless then cos really dunno wat to do except ask me to eat. :P cramps were common in the 1st trimester too.

juz b there for ur MRS. things will b fine. congrats on ur little bundle of joy! :D