Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Well, since my last posting the Mrs seems to be having a much better appetite these days. At least she can eat most of her dinner now. It is only the breakfast that she is still skipping while trying her best to have some lunch.

She is also feeling less fatigued now. In the past she will be dying to go home immediately after work so that she can lie in bed. Sometimes she will fall asleep for an hour or two before waking up to try and have a bite.

These days, we can sometimes go for dinner first before heading home. And when she is home she has the energy to stay up to watch TV, do some reading or surf the net (SMH). She can easily stay up till 1 or 2 am.

Not only that, her appetite seems to hit her only later into the nights. Usually after 9pm she will start to have these cravings to eat all kinds of food. It ranges from chicken nuggets to satays to porridge to cheeseburgers etc.

While it is all very comforting to see her having better appetite and feeling more energetic, I am now faced with another dilemma of emotions.

See, the Mrs has always been the “live-to-eat” type of person and she doesn’t like to eat alone. She was willing to drive all the way to Johor Bahru just to eat a bowl of the Mee Hoon Kuay. She used to be crazy about this one particular stall but we have stopped this habit for some years now.

Since she doesn’t enjoy eating alone and we are the only two living together, not counting our dog, guess who will have to share the supper with her?

To be fair, it does not happen every night (yet) but I can sense that it is just the beginning now because she is definitely having these cravings regularly. Now I think I know why most Dads have a pot belly.

The Mrs also does not like me to sleep before her. This has been the case since we got married although I do not remember her ever telling (warning) me about this weird habit when we were dating.

So if she is not sleepy even at 1am I will have to try and stay awake to accompany her. This has proven to be rather difficult at times but so far I think I have been doing a rather good job if you ask me.

It is a good thing that I am blogging about this now because should I develop a big pot belly and look more haggard some years down the road and should she complain, I will print this post to show her that it was all her doing.


Anonymous said...

Hi, am a drop-in reader from the Singapore Motherhood forum. I didn't document my pregnancy experience, so it's really interesting for me to read about the early days here. All best to you and the missus, will be popping by to read the new developments. :)

Btw, I've been trying to keep a parenting blog m'self, it's at bottomsup.wordpress.com.

Anonymous said...

hi, im glad the Mrs is feeling better now.

im abt 6 weeks pregnant and suffer from serious morning sickness like her. i feel giddy, headache, nauseous almost 24 hrs every day. i vomit too. since i found out abt my pregnancy 1 week ago, i woke up in the middle of the nite everyday, sometime from giddiness, sometime from nauseaous....

if this goes on till week 12, i dunno how im going to cope. . . I dun feel well every min of the day. i hope this will be over soon.

helmetwang said...

Hello, reading your posts took me thru my pregnancy last year. I too had morning sickness which lasted for 4 mths. it occurred from 5pm onwards and ended 1am every day. I developed phobia looking at time. I had spotting too on my 5th mth. But having a positive mindset & a supportive husband made me braved thru all these.

Yes, my husband gained weight with me thruout our pregnancy. Continue to be supportive to ur wifey, esp the last trimester which will also be a tough one, cos it's really going to be more tiring then.

Take care meanwhile :D